“When can I drive?”

The track is available several days a week, these dates can vary from week to week however.

Please make sure that the track is open by calling the Nurburgring office a couple days ahead on +49 0 26 91 / 302 – 620.

We do not take any liability for any of the dates mentioned on our website.

Public Days

“What do I bring to the track / what do I wear?”

Since it is a “public road” all you need is an international drivers license (no race license) although we do recommend to use a helmet to protect you from the safety cage in case of an accident. So you do not need to wear a race-suit and/or gloves, but it is not if you prefer you can choose to wear these.

It is wise to wear race shoes or other narrow shoes, we do have helmets in our store but hope you will bring your own.
!!! On all trackdays a helmet is mandatory !!!

“What if we can’t run due to track closure?”

If the track will not open because of weather, accidents or other third powers we will refund the whole sum minus 10%. We will of course try to find an alternative date for you.

“What if I hire the car and the track shuts?”

We are unable to refund you the money after the rental period has started, although as mentioned above we will refund you the money minus 10% if the track does not open at all.

Car Hire

“How long can I drive the car for?”

A full day is defined as from 8 am until 5 pm.
A half day is 3.5 hours maximum.
This is either 8 am until 11:30 pm or 1:30 pm until 5 pm on full days.

“How many kilometres can I drive the car?”

For rental cars the standard day rental includes enough distance to cover 10 laps of the Nordschleife (220km) on a full day rental, or 5 laps for a half day (120km).

“What if I drive more:”

No problem, we charge €45 euro per lap or €2.25 euro per km extra.

“If I want to drive on another track is that possible”

Yes no problem at all please contact our office and we will make you an offer.


“Are the cars insured?”

Yes all the cars are insured, but insurance sets in at €5,000, all of are cars are road legal and yearly checked by the German TÜV (MOT)

“Can I insure the car against any of this?”

Yes you can, if you book two hours of private instruction it is possible to book our premium insurance for the car, per driver for an additional €250 (This has to be agreed in the rental contract).

Although the guardrail and third party excess remains to €10,000.

“Are the cars insured during a track day or races”

No the cars are only insured driving the public road.


“What extra cost do I need to be aware off.”

As mentioned in the previous, lap tickets, fuel, deposit (reservation on credit card).

Everything else is covered.

“Are credit cards accepted?”

Yes credit cards are accepted, we do have to charge 2.75% for this service.

Please note that we only accept MasterCard and VISA.

“Do I get confirmation?”

As soon as the rental fee is on our account, we will send you a confirmation, only then you are sure that there will be an car available at the date you arrive.

“Is fuel included?”

No, there is no fuel included in the rental price, we make sure that the car is filled at pick up, and we expect the cars back refilled.

“How much fuel will I use?”

It really depends, but generally you will use 50 litres in 10 laps.

“Are lap tickets included in the rental price?”

No, lap tickets are not inclusive; these are for sale at the office at the track entrance from approximately €22 a lap. If you buy bigger quantities you will get a slightly better price.

“How much for extra drivers on the same car?”

We charge €100 extra ( administration and preparations for the car ), regardless of rental period.


“Is private instruction possible?”

You can book private instruction at the office, or to be sure one of our instructors is available, book on our website.

Private instruction is €100 per hour or €600 for the whole day.

Make sure you pre book, especially when you have the intention to rent one of our cars with the premium insurance.

“Is instruction possible other than the Nordschleife?”

Yes our instructors have track knowledge of almost all tracks in Europe.


“Is my race licence valid?”

Depending on which country you live in, a normal EU license is good for the RCN and VLN series.

For the 24H race you need an EU international C.

In case of doubt please send us a copy by mail with a written letter by your local race association of approval and we will sort it out for you.

“Do I need special racing gear?”

In an RCN, VLN or 24h-Race you need to be fully dressed to the latest FIA standard and a hans device is mandatory.