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Welcome to Jaco’s Paddock Motorsport – the home of safe, superbly set-up, thrilling to drive BMW sports, Nurburgring car rental both track and race for motorsport events and track day experiences on the best circuits on the planet.

Cars Available for Rent

Our range of sports car and race cars available for hire on Nürburgring Public Days and European track day events and race series. See below for more information about Nurburgring car rental prices and vehicle specifications:

Public Day, Track Day & Race Car Rent

These cars are suitable for all types of events including public days.

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BMW E46 325I V4

With 195PS, just 1,346Kg weight and perfect weight distribution and set-up, our entry level BMW is a nicely balanced car to hire, or race in for racing in. Regularly entered into the RCN, VLN & event 24H at the Nürburgring, this car is also perfect for track days and public days.


Capacity: 2,497 ccm
Power: 195 PS
Weight: 1,346 kg
Chassis: KW competition
Set of Tyres: 235-620-17
Built: July 2014 to FIA specification
Class: V4
Left hand drive

Price: Full day €695** / Half day €395***

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BMW E90 325I LHD

One step up from our base E46 325i is the newer, stiffer, faster and more powerful E90 325i. Safe, swift and perfectly set-up, this is a regular class winner and males a great car for track days and public laps of the Nürburgring. It was built in 2014 according to the latest FIA regulations.


Capacity: 2.497 ccm
Power: 225 PS
Weight: 1,340kg
Chassis: Bilstein competition
Set of Tyres: 235 620 17
Built: April 2014 to FIA specification 2013
Class: V4 in V35LN Endurance Championship Nürburgring.
availeble for : track-days, touristdays and all FIA races

Price: Full day €795** / Half day €495***


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BMW E90 325I RHD

Build especially for the RHD customers, as all others E90`s, stiffer, faster and more powerful ,. Safe, swift and perfectly set-up, this makes a great car for track days and public laps of the Nürburgring. It was built in 2018 according to the latest FIA regulations.

Capacity: 2.497 ccm
Power: 225 PS
Weight: 1,340kg
Chassis: Bilstein competition
Set of Tyres: 235 620 17
Built: April 2017 according to FIA specification 2017
Class: V4 in VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring.

Available for : track-days, tourist days and all FIA races

Price: Full day €895** / Half day €595***


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BMW E90 330i

One step up from our E90 325i , faster and more powerful E90 330i. Safe, swift and perfectly set-up, lots of torque and therefore a very big difference from the E90 325I this car makes a great car for track days and public laps of the Nürburgring.


Capacity: 2.994 ccm
Power: 265 PS
Weight: 1,350kg
Chassis: Bilstein competition
Set of Tyres: 240 610 17
Class: V5 in VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring.

Price: Full day €895** / Half day €595***

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BMW F21 125i

Our first Paddle shift car, the amazing F1 padle shift gear box from BMW gives you an fantastic driving sensation. rear changes are smouth and quick. Thrilling to drive and still very safe. rebuild in 2017.

Because of its bi-turbo engine there is lots of torque every time you floor the paddle.

This car is perfect for the rookie and experienced driver.


Capacity: 2.000 ccm BI-Turbo
Power: 235 Bhp
Weight: 1,345kg
Chassis: KW competition
Set of Tyres: 225 45 17
Built: November 2017 to JP specification 2017
Trackday and tourist laps only!!!

Price: Full day €995** / Half day €695***

Track Day & Race Car Hire

These cars are suitable for track days and races only.

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BMW E46 M3

The first of the legendary M-Power-equipped BMW race cars is our E46 M3 – a regular V6 class winner at Nürburgring in the RCN and VLN. This is a 343bhp serious bit off kit and for the more experienced driver. The last of the proper, normally-aspirated BMWs, this car sounds incredible and is incredibly quick and exciting on track. Built in 2015 according to FIA regulations.


Capacity: 3,246 ccm
Power: 343 HP
Weight: 1,425 kg
Chassis: KW competition
Set of Tires: 235 620 17 or 240 640 18
Built: January 2015 (FIA specification 2015)
Class: V6 in the VLN championship
Available only for: track-days and FIA races

Price: Full day €1,475**


Porsche Cayman

Our first Porsche, light weight and powerfull. The mid-engine porsche drives feels completley different than all other cars. nimble and forgiving, on the edge it lets you work for your laptimes.

That is why people appriciate this car so much.


Capacity: 3.423 ccm
Power: 318 PS
Weight: 1,234kg
Chassis: KW competition
Set of Tyres: FA 235 40 18 RA 265 40 18
Built: April 2018 to JP specification 2018
Only availeble for trackdays
Right hand drive available

Price: Full day €1995** / Half day €1095***

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Our flagship car is a real “weapon” – and definitely only for the brave and race car experienced. Putting out 365bhp and set-up to be razor sharp, this full-on, SP6 class, GTR-spec BMW is not for the feint hearted and has a whole load of silverware to its name. Hire this, race this and you will have lived the dream.

Capacity: 3,245 ccm
Power: 365 HP
Weight: 1,405 kg
Chassis: KW competition
Set of Tires: 240 630 18
Built: July 2014
Class: SP 6
Left hand drive
Only available for: track-days and FIA championships​

Price: Full day €1,995*

* including 200km per day and technical support
** 220km per day
*** 125km per half day

The available race and track day cars can vary due to maintenance phases. Please do contact us and and we discuss your individual requirements and tailor a bespoke package to suit you and your experience.

We will gladly prepare an individual offer.

About Jaco’s Paddock Motorsport Nurburgring Car Rental

The well-established, hugely popular and experienced Jaco’s Paddock Motorsport outfit is run from within earshot of the famous Nurburgring by “the flying Dutchman” Jaco Velders. His knowledge of BMW race cars, the “Green Hell” and car set-up is right up their with the very best. And his know-how and expertise will get you flying around Europe’s premier tracks.

Jaco and his team offer a range of professional, fun, relaxed and affordable complete “arrive and drive” packages in their fleet of race-prepped BMWs at Europe’s premier circuits; Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany, Spa Francorchamps in Belgium and Zandvoort in The Netherlands. And the Jaco’s Paddock team also offer 1-2-1 driver training, race experiences and more great memory-making experiences!

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Why not make your dreams a heart-pumping reality? You only get one life… live it!

Our famous Dutch orange BMW race cars – from 325i to M3 GTR – have a string of silverware in their slipstream, proving their pace regularly in the thrilling and highly competitive Veranstaltergemeinschaft Langstreckenpokal Nürburgring (VLN) race Series, its ‘feeder’ Rundstrecken Challenge Nürburgring (RCN) series and further afield in the superb Hankook Tourenwagen Cup.

All of our race cars are race scrutineered for maximum safety, are expertly built by us and come loaded with the latest safety equipment and top specifications.

But, most importantly of all, all Jaco’s Paddock Nurburgring care rental BMW’s come with Jaco’s secret suspension and wheel alignments set-ups – making them thrilling and easy to drive incredible quickly.

Jaco’s Paddock Motorsport and BMW – A winning team

Nurburgring car rental from Jaco's Paddock


Jaco’s Paddock Motorsport at Circuit Park Zandvoort

About the Nurburgring

For motorsport enthusiasts, the Nurburgring is probably the most notorious race circuit in the world. There are many great motorsport venues in the world including the likes of Monza, Suzuka, Indianapolis and Spa Francorchamps which can be experienced by people on track days and race days, however none of them are as unforgiving and legendary as the Nurburgring.

To the unskilled driver, the Ring, as petrolheads like to call it, hides many surprises and even the slightest error while attempting to navigate the circuit can result in an accident. There is a general consensus among race drivers that the Ring is the world’s most challenging race track. No wonder why Jackie Stewart, a legendary British Formula 1 driver during the 1960’s and 1970’s, called it the “Green Hell.” Even today, many modern super cars despite their technological breakthroughs struggle to set competitive lap times.


This racing paradise is located about 75 miles north-west of Frankfurt and 43 miles south of Cologne near the village of Nurburg in Germany. The iconic route passes through the majestic Eiffel Mountains featuring more than 70 corners with most of them either blind or off-camber.

Car hire at the Nurburgring circuit


This infamous racetrack was built originally as a test track for German car manufacturers to improve car safety with the side benefit of bringing investment into a deprived region of the country. Some years later, as the track continued to expand while the construction costs were going through the roof, German car manufacturers committed to renting the track in order to test new vehicles.

The original circuit opened in 1927 and featured an incredible 17.6 miles of tarmac, with unpredictable elevation changes. The racetrack was so extraordinary long that it was not unheard of for a driver to experience rain, snow, sunshine and fog in the course of a single lap.

Initially the design of the Nurburgring was as such that it could be separated into two distinct sections, the Nordschleife and the Sudschleife, literally translated the north circuit and the south circuit. The Sudschleife was designed for racing events and testing, where as the more famous Nordschleife was a showcase for German engineering excellence.

The only person who to ever lap the whole Nordschleife section in under 7 minutes, Niki Lauda, was subject to a near fatal accident where he was severely burned during a Formula 1 race due to suspected rear suspension failure. After this accident, it became evident that the Ring was not safe enough to host Formula 1 races and as a result, the German Grand Prix began taking place at the Hockenheimring.

Lauda’s crash prompted calls for greatly improve safety provisions which resulted to modifications in the circuit and the creation of a new, safer Grand Prix Circuit which was completed in 1984.

The Modern Day Ring


Nurburgring complete circuit distance as of 2002 compared to the track configuration in 1927.

This new Grand Prix Circuit still stands today together with the Nordschleife which passes around the medieval castle and village of Nurburg. The Grand Prix section was built in order to meet the world’s most advanced safety standards. The configuration of this track features a 3.23 mile or 5.2 km long section and hosts the Superbike World Championship and German Grand Prix on alternate years with the Hockenheimring.

Since 1927, anyone who owns a road legal car, motorcycle, tour bus or motor home can make use of the Nordschelife as it is officially designated as a public road and many enthusiasts take their own vehicle or use Nurburgring car rental services to fully enjoy the circuit. During the winter, the track may be closed for several weeks if weather conditions are harsh. Generally, the Ring has no speed limit, although some speed restrictions exist in particular areas that demand reduced noise. The Ring is a famous attraction for bike enthusiasts as well as car enthusiasts due to its challenging shape and racing pedigree.

In the past decade, the Ring has transformed into a competitive car development field, where car manufacturers from around the world bring their cars in order to push them to the limit. Nurburgring times are widely considered as key performance indicators for every new car. There are so many crucial performance statistics and durability tests that manufacturers can perform in this vast and unpredictable racetrack. Due to its structure, the Ring offers an amazing chance for engineers to fine tune their vehicles and test new approaches and technologies. It is claimed that in order to get the same results outside the Ring, manufacturers would have to rent at least three different race circuits. Testing at the Ring is time effective and intense which is why the vast majority of engineers love it. In this day and age, testing cars at race tracks is a popular practice, in the past testing on the ordinary roads provided enough information for engineers to fine tune their cars.

We live in an increasingly sanitized world, where speed limits and designed safety structures define our way of living. The Ring’s main asset is that it provides a chance for everyone to face their fears and reach their driving potential while sharing authentic driving experiences and creating memories. If this motoring paradise ever disappears, another important element of adventure will die with it. So, let’s hope this majestic racetrack remains open for many decades to come. After all, it is one of a few motoring places on earth where enthusiasts can master their driving skills using Jaco’s Paddock’s superb BMW Nurburgring car rental packages while having the time of their lives.

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