Nürburgring Nordschleife


Nearby you’ll find  the ED gas station on the Döttinger Höhe, not even 2 kilometers from the tourist access of the Nordschleife. Leave the parking lot at the first exit of the roundabout, then follow the road until the end and turn right twice. The ED is on the left side. Unfortunately there aren’t any gas stations directly on the racetrack so you should bring enough jerrycans, if your car is not licensed for use on public roads.


The parking lot directly at the track is relatively small and therefore only for participants. It is asked to park caravans, trailers and visitors’ vehicles at the opposite gravel parking lot, which you’ll reach via the roundabout. There you will also have enough space to load your vehicles. Please note that the roundabout is a public road, which prohibits driving a car without registration.


The restaurant Devil’s Diner is located directly at the Nordschleife entrance and is open to all participants and visitors.

Sanitary Facilities

Inside the restaurant Devil’s Diner there are public and barrier-free toilets.


Hiltrud Moeseler
Nordstrasse 55
53534 Barweiler
+49 2691 930579

Where to eat?

Italian Resaurant “Zur alten Scheune​”
Hauptstrasse 30
53534 Barweiler
+49 2691 935657